Want to Know, Share, or Discover? CrowdCourse It!

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 3:00 am

By Amber W.

The library is a pretty great resource to learn just about anything. We’ve got books, videos, databases and we offer tons of programs at the library. New this week is another option for learning- CrowdCourse! SCLD’s newest venture is an online learning platform. You can teach or take short courses online through our website featuring content created by Spokane’s local experts and enthusiasts. CrowdCourse is engineered to make creating a full course, including video instruction, course notes, reading materials, teacher – student interaction and even quizzes, as simple as possible. SCLD is part of a small test group of public libraries that were specifically selected to pilot CrowdCourse, which is set for a national launch later in 2014.

To showcase some examples of what types of courses we hope to cultivate on CrowdCourse, SCLD has partnered with local organizations like the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy, Mobius Science Center and Eastern Washington University to create some inaugural courses, including Breaking Down a Whole Chicken and Quick Facts About Air Pressure.

Who should create on CrowdCourse? Anyone with a skill to share!

  • Businesses: It’s a great way to showcase what your business does, connect with potential customers and offer incentives to use your services.
  • Experts: Highlight a knowledge base or a teachable skill, like knife techniques in the kitchen or facts about air pressure, and share with your community.
  • Hobbyist: Share your enthusiasm for what you love to do with others. Inform others about local meetups or interest groups.

Check out CrowdCourse to join up, take, or teach a course! SCLD is happy to help in course creation. We’re working with local businesses and community members by helping to film and develop their courses. If you are interested in help making your course, contact any SCLD location to get in touch with our CrowdCourse project manager.

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