BiblioBoard: Connecting indie writers, libraries, and readers

Posted on October 8, 2015 at 6:00 am


By Carlie Hoffman

Are you a local indie writer looking to connect with readers? Would you like readers to be able to find your book at the library? Well, you’re in luck!

We recently acquired a new digital resource called BiblioBoard, an online platform that makes it possible to publish your work as an eBook so readers can find it locally, across the state, and even across the country. Through a collaboration between the creators of BiblioBoard and Library Journal, SELF-e and Indie Washington were born as modules in BiblioBoard.

Authors submit their work through an easy to use web form, and Library Journal selectors review the work and decide whether or not to include it in SELF-e. If they decline to include it, you can either re-submit the work after editing or you can submit it to Indie Washington only. If you are selected to be a part of SELF-e, you will automatically be a part of Indie Washington, too.

Readers looking for local independent authors can visit our Digital Library and click on the BiblioBoard icon. There they will find the SELF-e and Indie Washington modules and be connected to hundreds of independent authors.

In addition to eBooks, researchers will also find that BiblioBoard offers valuable historical content. In BiblioBoard Access, you will find curated collections of historical digital artifacts from highly regarded institutions, including international libraries. And in BiblioBoard Core, you will find anthologies on a wide range of topics, including Literature, Philosophy, History, Geography and Science.

We are excited to offer this resource to help accomplish what we strive to do every day–connect readers with books. And when those books are written by local authors, even better!

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