Incidental Gardener

Posted on May 8, 2014 at 6:00 am

ED_Post_Gardenerby Amber W.

I never meant to be a gardener. It sort of just happened after I had my first kid. Before children, 10 out 12 summer weekends were spent traveling, but then I found myself at home way more often. It started out with tearing down an old fence and I found myself with all of this wood so I thought, “Why not raised beds?” Next thing I knew I was growing 5 varieties of tomatoes, a slew of herbs, fancy eggplants, peas, and more. And the picky toddler would eat anything she could grab from the garden. It was awesome.

And it was easy and cheap! (Well easy-ish, there’s still weeding and watering.)

The majority of my plants came from ads on I now have four varieties of raspberries which were all bought from Craigslist plant sales for a total investment of $12 (10 different starts, all prolific producers, no duds). I buy my tomato starts from another gardener I found years ago from the same source. (And I’m not telling who or where she is because she does a limited amount of extra starts out of her backyard, and I’m not sharing!) Local growers are selling better quality, often heirloom and organic, starts for a fraction of the cost of the big stores.

Edible gardening has been totally worth it, and each year I find myself taking over more of the lawn.

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