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Kids tackle exciting challenges to stay active this summer

Posted on June 7, 2018 at 6:00 am

Play Unplugged in Spokane Valley

With Play Unplugged, kids have 42 ways to stay active throughout the summer, without constantly saying, “I’m bored.” So this summer, get up and moving, and plan fun, exciting challenges to earn Brag Badges!

Each badge has points called “brags.” Parents can create rewards that their kids “purchase” from their earned brags. Whatever motivates your kids can be used as a reward!

For 2018, the Play Unplugged program is for students in Central Valley, East Valley, and West Valley School Districts. You’ll find 42 challenges for kids to tackle, each sponsored by a local organization or business. Learn more about this interactive program at the Play Unplugged website.

Here are three brag badges sponsored by the Library District or our community partners, available for pick up at either the Spokane Valley Library or The BookEnd at the Spokane Valley Mall, June–August 2018.

The READER Brag Badge

Read 4 or more books this summer to earn your Reader Brag Badge! Then pick up your badge at Spokane Valley Library.

The GOLD STAR KID Brag Badge

This is a tough one, but you can do it! Mind your parents for the entire summer, help out without being asked, and don’t fight with your siblings. Once you’ve earned this badge, sponsored by PACE, you can pick it up at The BookEnd at Spokane Valley Mall.

The BUS RIDER Brag Badge

Take a ride on a bus to places new or well traveled to explore your community. Once you’ve earned this badge, sponsored by Spokane Transit Authority, you can pick it up at The BookEnd at Spokane Valley Mall.

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