Do Your Kids Want to Rock?

Posted on January 8, 2014 at 6:00 am

by Sheri Boggs

Of course they do. And three new picture book titles show you exactly how it’s done.

So You Want to Be a Rock Star by Audrey Vernick is all about the improvising as two would-be rockin’ siblings realize they may not have an awesome sound system, a limousine, or even great singing voices, but they do have fists to sing into, the family minivan for getting to gigs, and volume. Lots and lots of volume.

Suzzy Roche, youngest member of The Roches, draws on thirty years of experience in Want to Be in a Band? Her focus is more on making music than wreaking rock havoc but her advice about stage fright, coming up with a good band name, and above all the need to practice (all the time!), is pertinent across pretty much any musical genre. Illustrator Giselle Potter’s oversized acoustic guitars and folk art-inspired figures set a cheerfully soothing tone.

Finally, Baby Loves to Rock by Wednesday Kirwan, is a lively board book featuring stylish cartoon animals and their favorite modes of musical expression. But while the skunk favors punk and the opossums think swing’s awesome, there’s only one critter who truly loves to rock. Witty and bright, this is one for sharing over and over.

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