No Small Change: Bitcoin for Beginners

Posted on April 2, 2014 at 6:00 am

Guest blog by Doug Slaton, workshop presenter

My co-presenter, Zach Doty, and I have been long time computer techs and continually explore any new innovations in technology. We have an unbridled fascination with all the amazing things happening with and on the Internet.

We’ve followed Bitcoin for about 2 years and when we started seeing other crypto currencies taking off; we decided to get involved with the granddaddy of them all – Bitcoin.

Initially we looked at Bitcoin as just another payment option for our businesses. I still just consider it another way to make it easy for folks to do business with me. Zach though has become interested in the speculation aspect of crypto currencies and has positions in several different ones.

Learning about Bitcoin has been an interesting process for us. When we started to see more and more media coverage we realized the interest level in Bitcoin had expanded from just ‘techie’ types to your average non-technical person. We also started seeing major companies accepting Bitcoin.

These were some of the catalysts that caused Zach and I to decide someone needed to help get the word out. I started a blog to help out with that here and now we’ve branched out into Bitcoin workshops in the community.

We saw a need to bridge the gap between ‘techies’ and non-techies and as early adopters of digital currency we decided we could be that bridge in conjunction with our local library system – Spokane County Library District.

We’re not completely altruistic though. We both realize as more people embrace Bitcoin this will create a momentum that will give us more places to spend our Bitcoin and more people that can pay us with Bitcoin.

Many thanks to the forward thinking staff at the Library District for this opportunity. We appreciate their support and think the community will as well.

Check out the blog here or join us for one of our workshops in May. Zach and I look forward to meeting you online or offline.

Workshop dates:

Thursday, May 1, 12:30-2pm

Thursday, May 8, 12:30-2pm

Thursday, May 15, 12:30-2pm

Thursday, May 22, 12:30-2pm

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