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Refresh your knowledge of the U.S. Constitution & check your voter registration status

Posted on September 2, 2020 at 6:00 am

Our latest Learning Circle focuses on the U.S. Constitution and its interpretation by the judicial branch of our government. Learning Circles are great for people who want to take a free online class and learn together with others in a study group.

You’re invited to join this Learning Circle to learn more about key constitutional concepts that have shaped our government today.

Speaking of our government, using your right to vote is a fundamental aspect of how our nation is governed.

Before an upcoming election is always a good time to check your voter registration status. Here are some reasons to check:

  • If you’ve moved recently, your voter registration may be out of date.
  • If you’ve changed your name recently, your voter registration may be out of date.
  • If you recently turned 18, you may not be registered to vote.

National Voter Registration Day (September 22) is such a great idea we decided to make it into a week! You can register to vote and update your voter registration curbside at some of our libraries on select days and times.

If you can’t make it, head online to


National Voter Registration Day: Curbside Voter Registration Drive

Update your voter registration while you pick up your library items. A masked volunteer from The League of Women Voters will guide you through the process of registering to vote and checking your voter registration information, from an appropriate social distance.

Monday, Sep 21, 12–2pm

Tuesday, Sep 22, 12–2pm

Wednesday, Sep 23, 12–2pm

220 E Main St, Fairfield

Thursday, Sep 24, 12–2pm

Friday, Sep 25, 12–2pm

Saturday, Sep 26, 12–2pm

Learning Circle: Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts & Supreme Court Cases

Learning Circles are study groups for people who want to take a free online class and learn together.

For this Learning Circle, you would need to enroll in the free course “Introduction to Key Constitutional Concepts and Supreme Court Cases” on Coursera, offered by University of Pennsylvania. You can sign up at

Once enrolled, you watch course videos and do course readings at home at your own pace. Next you meet in online group discussions with other local learners every week to discuss what you’ve learned and any questions that have arisen. A librarian facilitates the discussion as a fellow learner.

This course offers an introduction to the U.S. Constitution and landmark Supreme Court cases interpreting it. It explores the Constitution’s origins, its amendment over the years, and methods of constitutional interpretation. Topics include the nature and structure of the federal government, the powers of the federal government, and individual rights.

This is a non-partisan, video-based (with transcripts) course from the University of Pennsylvania through Coursera. There is supplemental material for those who wish to dive deeper. Adults

Registration is required, and you’ll need email to receive login information for the group discussions. Registration closes at 5pm on September 23 for this program.

Thursdays, Sep 24–Oct 22, 6–7:30pm | REGISTER

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