Spokane Writers Conference offers new intensive small group sessions along with workshops

Posted on September 17, 2019 at 6:00 am

The 5th Annual Spokane Writers Conference is full of informative and creative approaches to writing and offers insights about the process of getting your work published.

Along with workshops, the conference is offering something new this year: small group intensives. The small group sessions are limited to only 6–8 participants and are laser-focused on a writing topic for the whole session.

You won’t want to miss out on this great weekend conference of free writing workshops and small group sessions:

5th Annual Spokane Writers Conference
Saturday, Oct 26, 10am–5pm
Sunday, Oct 27, 1–4:30pm

This conference boasts a lot of regional and local writing talent. The workshops and small group intensives are led by 12 amazing authors, poets, and journalists:

Learn how to query and pitch your writing. Explore your poetic voice. Deepen the emotional resonance on the page. Imagine your words on the silver screen (and then write that screenplay!). Weave memory into your writing to make it come to life. Wrangle the dialogue dragon so it breathes fire into your stories’ conversations.

Plus connect with other writers in the area who are interested in learning and improving their craft.

To see all of the offerings at this conference, pick up a copy of Engage, our programs and events guide, available at all of our libraries, or check out our digital version of Engage.

Each workshop and small group session require online registration and are provided free of charge. Registration opens on September 26 at 10am, and you can register at www.scld.org/writers-con-2019.

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