Teen Health & Wellness: New digital resource for teens (parents and educators, too)

Posted on May 6, 2020 at 6:00 am



Spokane County Library District is now offering Teen Health & Wellness, a new digital resource. Teens, and other library customers, can access useful health and wellness information organized by subject and searchable within the website’s interface. Some of the subject categories are:

  • Body Basics
  • Eating Disorders
  • Friendships and Dating
  • Mind, Mood, and Emotions
  • Safety

Each subject area is arranged into sections with articles and resources to read (or listen to with an audio option) and research, including video content for some topics. All content has been reviewed by health professionals and created for teens with their unique concerns and perspectives in mind.

The information in Teen Health & Wellness is presented using a sensitive, respectful, straightforward, and age-appropriate approach. The teen-friendly articles make complex topics understandable.

While it was developed for teens, Teen Health & Wellness can be a powerful resource for anyone who cares for and works with teens. The articles give insight into the teen experience—crucial for parents, teachers, librarians, therapists, and others who are part of teens’ lives and who support them. 


The availability of Teen Health & Wellness in our Digital Library has been made possible by a recent award granted to Spokane County Library District through the All of Us Community Engagement Outreach Award for the project Fit & Lit: Health Literacy for Teens and Librarians by the NationalNetwork of Libraries of Medicine, Pacific Northwest Region (NNLM-PNW). 

The Fit & Lit project primarily works with teens attending Dishman Hills High School in West Valley School District. Students there have opportunities to take classes teaching ways to eat healthier and be more active. They practice finding and identifying quality health information and research. Teen Health & Wellness is one of the online resources that students learn to use. Upon completion for the program, students create a PSA (public service announcement) video about health and are awarded a year-long pass to the local YMCA.

Teen Health & Wellness provides access to reliable, professionally reviewed, and age-appropriate health information to students from their personal phones and devices. And the digital resource was selected, in part, because it also provides the Teen Hotlines mobile app, which gives 24–7 access to hotlines, help lines, and web sites and is available for Apple and Android mobile devices, Kindle devices, and Chromebooks. You can find links to download the Teen Hotlines app for your device on our Apps web page.

Aileen Luppert

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