Tweens in the House!

Posted on December 13, 2013 at 6:00 am

Once a month, at 4pm, local tweens (grades 4-6) get together at the library to learn, create, and discover (and let’s not forget the snacks).

Both the North Spokane and Spokane Valley Libraries have Tween Clubs (4th Thursday at Spokane Valley and 3rd Tuesday at North Spokane) you can choose the one closest to you, or try out both!

Our staff have planned some amazing activities for the coming months, check them out below!

Jan 21 Fling Things
Head’s up! Learn how to make projectiles with stuff you can find around the house. We’ll discover a bit about physics and velocity, and the many ways to shoot a marshmallow across the room!

Feb 18 Go For the Gold
Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of Olympic inspired challenges, in honor of the Winter Olympics.

Mar 18 Cupcakes!
Come see what you can make when we set out frosting, candy, and sprinkles. Kathy, Yoke’s Dessert Specialist is coming to give us professional tips and share a little about how math is an important part of this tasty career. Whether your cupcake is creepy or fancy, it will be a delicious work of art.

Apr 15 Japan Week
Every April, all of Spokane celebrates Japan Week! Join us to play games, do a Japanese craft, and learn a little about our friends across the Pacific. Students from Mukogawa Fort Wright University will be joining in on the fun!

May 20 Summer Bucket List
What’s on your list for summer? Read 50 books? Perfect your mini golf swing? Make homemade ice cream? We’ll help you brainstorm a list of fun things, and turn it into a fantastic craft. By the end of the summer, you’ll have done it all!

Jan 23 Ninjas at the Library
Get your ninja on this month at the library as we engineer catapults, assemble ninja crafts, and show off our very best ninja moves.

Feb 27 Go for the Gold
Join us for a fun-filled afternoon of minute-long physical challenges in honor of the Winter Olympics.

Mar 27 Sock Creatures
This month we’re constructing sock creatures. We’ll provide patterns, embellishments from our craft closet, and plenty of socks (you can also bring socks from home).

Apr 24 Calling all Superheroes
Grab your mask and secret identity (cape optional) and come to the library to explore the science of superheroes with an afternoon of superhero crafts, trivia, and challenges.

May 22 Up, up and away!
Are you ready for launch? This month we’re making a variety of airborne projectiles.

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