Virtual Student Library Card

A Virtual Student Library Card gives you instant access to the resources in our Digital Library and uses your student username/ID number. This service is available at select schools.

Get free homework help and tutoring online.

Research topics for your school assignments.

Browse, read, and listen to a huge selection of eBooks, audiobooks, and music.

No fines or fees!

Participating schools:

  • Centennial Middle School (West Valley School District)
  • City School (West Valley School District)
  • Dishman Hills High School (West Valley School District)
  • Spokane Valley High School (West Valley School District)
  • West Valley High School (West Valley School District)

To access your virtual student library account:

  • Your library card number is 9363 followed by your student username/ID (no dash or spaces).
  • Your 4-digit password is the month and day of your birth (mmdd).

If you have questions or need help, please use the Ask a Librarian Form.


Q: Will my virtual student account work in the summer?

A: Yes, your Virtual Student Library Card will work during the summer through August 31.

Q: Do Virtual Student accounts expire?

A: Yes, Virtual Student accounts expire annually on August 31 or when a student leaves the participating school.

Q: Why am I getting a message that says “Sorry, no holds may be placed for this user”?

A: You may be trying to place a hold on a physical item using the Library’s catalog. Your Virtual Student Library Card works with digital items only. For a complete list of resources, visit the Digital Library.

Q: Why doesn’t my student ID work?

A: Please verify that you are using the correct student username/ID and password.

You or your school may have been opted out of the program. Check with your parent/guardian and/or school district.

Q: How do students get Virtual Student Library Cards?

A: New Virtual Student accounts are created in partnership with participating schools. The process is automatic at the beginning of the school year and when a new school starts participating in the program. Updates to include new students at participating schools happen on a regular basis throughout the school year.

Q: Why is my school district or school not listed?

A: This is currently a pilot program with one school district and at select schools. Access to students at more school districts will be added over time.

Still have questions? Use the Ask a Librarian Form to get answers from our librarians.