It’s electrifying: Digital resources and staff picks for student scientists

Posted on February 14, 2019 at 6:00 am

Discover the many ways electricity and electrical circuits are part of our lives.

No matter a student’s grade level, our digital resources offer videos and articles for engaged learning. Plus the books in our collection provide new scientific experiments kids can do at home and for school science fairs.

SIRS Discoverer

Find magazine articles, reference entries, and more, for your grade-level, about electricity, electrical experiments, safety, and the many things made possible by harnessing electricity, like toys, telescopes, and more. Check out SIRS Discoverer today!

Science in Context

Learn all about electricity, conductors, and power supplies with articles, videos, and images, and discover science experiments you can conduct all about electricity. Science in Context may be the place where you find your next hair-raising idea!

Staff Picks: Electric Reads

Spark a love for electricity with DIY projects and a close look at how electricity works with these electric reads.

Looking for an electric activity? Come out to the library for Explore Electricity with Snap Circuits.

Learn about all of our STEM activities in Engage, our programs and events guide.

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