Film & TV workshops with Ken Fay

Ken Fay, filmmaker, director, producer
Ken Fay, Emmy award-winning senior producer

Because of the ebb and flow of Ken’s production schedule in the spring, we will be announcing the following workshop date and time just a few weeks before it starts. Please check back.

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Upcoming workshop

Expressing Your Narrative in Film with Ken Fay

Have a movie concept in mind but no idea how to organize and film it? Emmy award-winning producer Ken Fay shares tips on how to organize your ideas, begin the storyboarding process, and frame shots to support your narrative. Ages 14+ & Adults

March, date & time to be determined

About the Presenter

Ken Fay brings a wealth of experience and first-hand knowledge on creating original content and programming for TV and film. Ken is an Emmy award-winning senior producer with more than 25 years in media production. He has directed crews and talent, written and produced documentaries and commercials, worked on live broadcasts, and managed productions from coast to coast and in China.

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