LEGO Stop-Motion Movie Screening

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Call for Submissions: LEGO Stop-Motion Movies

We are accepting stop-motion video submissions for our first screening and celebration of the genre. All videos must be appropriate for an all-ages audience. Movie creators of all ages are encouraged to submit their original LEGO stop-motion movies.

Once you are registered, you will receive further instructions within 3 business days on how to submit your video.

Registration accepted: November 2, 2023–January 2, 2024, until 5pm

LEGO Stop-Motion Movie Screening & Celebration

View the creations and revel in the imaginations of local stop-motion animators of all ages. Everyone is invited to celebrate and enjoy the talented video artists who are our neighbors and friends.

For all ages

Saturday, January 20, 4:15–5:45pm

Guidelines for Submission

The process of submitting your movie for the screening includes two steps:

  1. Registering to participate, using the registration form below
  2. Uploading your video following the instructions sent by email. Note: Once you have registered, library staff will review your registration and then send you the email with instructions.

Registration must be completed no later than January 2, 2024, at 5pm Pacific.

We encourage everyone to register early in order to receive instructions and upload video submissions within 3 days of the registration deadline.

Video Guidelines

  • Videos must be no more than 3:30 minutes in length
  • Accepted file formats include: MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, and WMV
  • The file name for each video must include the name(s) of the creator(s) and the video’s title
    • An example might look like:
  • Each video should be a stop-motion animation project using LEGO or another stop-motion medium.
  • Individuals or groups may submit up to two (2) projects for consideration.
  • Submitted videos must be original creations. This means that they have been researched, recorded, compiled, and edited by the person and/group people submitting the video.
  • Each video should contain a Credit reel naming all participants and identifying their roles in the creation of the video.
  • If needed, the video should contain a Works Cited reel for any images, music, quotes, or content taken from outside sources—in other words, those not originally created by the submitter of the video.
  • Videos containing uncited or uncredited content or containing a majority of unoriginal content will be considered as infringing on the copyrighted holder(s) of said content and will be disqualified from being part of the screening.
  • Videos that contain images or language that is profane, racially insensitive, sexually provocative, and/or in any way inappropriate for an all-ages viewing audience will be disqualified.
  • SCLD is not responsible for any corrupted files or incomplete submissions.
  • Late entries will not be considered for the screening.

LEGO Stop-Motion Movie Registration Form

Registration accepted: November 2, 2023–January 2, 2024, until 5pm

This form is currently closed for submissions. Thank you for your interest. We hope to see you at the screening.