Love on the open road: Motorcycle club romances to fire up your summer

Posted on July 18, 2017 at 6:00 am

By Stefani Miller

Rev your engine with these steamy, fast-paced motorcycle club romance series. They are perfect for a seasoned romance reader who is looking for the next guilty pleasure read or someone new to romance who likes books both steamy and action packed. These men may be outlaws, but you won’t mind it when they steal your heart.

We always share the steam rating for each series according to the scale below:

Low: clean romance with little adult content

Medium: some adult content throughout

High: erotic romance (18+)

However, all of the series in this article have a High Steam Rating, due to adult content as well as violence and some intense situations.

Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, by Chantal Fernando

Get swept up with the rough and tumble men of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club in this must-read series. Equal parts steamy romance and taut suspense, the pages fly by as you get pulled deeper into the high-stakes world of the Wind Dragons. You’ll fall hard for these guys as they fight rival motorcycle clubs, rescue damsels in distress, and lose their hearts to strong women whom you’ll equally adore.

Book to read first: Dragon’s Lair

Steam Level: High

Vicious Cycle series, by Katie Ashley

Plunge into a world full of danger and desire in the Vicious Cycle series. Revolving around the men of the Hell’s Raiders Motorcycle Club and their families, this series is fun to read and hot, hot, hot! Our male leads are three brothers who are club officers in the motorcycle club started by their father. Along the way to finding love, each faces challenges, both personal and club related. From a surprise child to an undercover government agent, this series has it all. The main characters in this one are great, but the supporting cast is equally so. They’ll keep you coming back for the next book in the series.

Book to read first: Vicious Cycle

Steam Level: High

Reapers Motorcycle Club series, by Joanna Wylde

Set primarily in eastern Washington, the Reapers Motorcycle Club series roars onto the scene with unforgettable characters and plenty of action. These bad-boy bikers aren’t above breaking the law or taking a hostage when it suits them. But in the end, it’s all in the name of club and family. Bonds are formed, lines are crossed, and hearts are broken and mended as each motorcycle club member meets his match.

Book to read first: Reaper’s Property

Steam Level: High

Chaos series, by Kristen Ashley

Jump in and hold on as the members of the Chaos Motorcycle Club find love, sometimes when they least expect it. Full of hard-as-nails men with hearts of gold underneath, this series will tug at your heartstrings. Expect some unrequited love and a lot of second chances as the Chaos men navigate matters of the heart, all the while keeping their club and its members safe.

Book to read first: Own the Wind

Steam Level: High

 Wild Riders series, by Jaci Burton

The Wild Riders series features a group of six Harley-riding, bad boys who are working undercover for the government. Recruited as troubled teenagers, the now fully grown men use the skills they’ve learned on the streets to keep their country safe.

Book to read first: Riding Wild (also an eBook on OverDrive)

Steam Level: High


Sinners Tribe series, by Sarah Castille

Desert Dogs series, by Cara McKenna

Skulls Creek series, by Stephanie Tyler

Raven Riders series, by Laura Kaye

Knights in Black Leather series, by Ronnie Douglas

Thunder Road series, by Katie McGarry

Raine Falling: Hells Saints Motorcycle Club, by Paula Marinaro

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