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Accessibility for programs

Spokane County Library District supports universal access to our programs and services and offers reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities.

Closed captioning is available for online programs presented on Zoom. Learn more about turning on closed captioning on this Zoom support page: Viewing closed captioning/live transcription.

To request an accommodation to attend or view any of our programs or to access library services, please contact our administrative office at 509.893.8200 or To ensure availability, it is recommended that you contact us at least two business days prior.

How to Register for Library Programs & Events

You can register for library programs and events on the events calendar.

Once you’re on the web page for the events calendar, type a keyword or the name of the class in the search box if you know it.

Library event calendar, using the keyword search function
Library event calendar, using the keyword search function

You can also use the drop-down menus to browse a specific age group or type of event.

Library event calendar, using the Event Types drop-down menu
Library event calendar, using the Event Types drop-down menu

When you see a program you would like to participate in or attend, click on the title once to see a description of the event. Click the title within the description popup window to go to the event page where you can enter your registration information if registration is required.

Library event calendar, clicking on an event on the calendar and then clicking on the title in the popup to register for the event
Library event calendar: To register for an event, first click on the event on the calendar and then click on the title of the event in the popup window.
Library event calendar, example of an event registration page
Library event calendar: Example of an event registration page

Note: You will need to provide a valid email address when registering for an online event in order to get the information to join online events.

After you register for an event, our system sends you an email with a confirmation number, letting you know that you’ve successfully registered. If you do not receive this email, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. You can call the library for assistance should this happen.

Library staff will send you an email with information on how to join the program, including the Zoom link. These emails are usually sent a week before, the day before, and/or an hour before the program.

To make sure you never miss an email from us, please add and to your safe senders list.

If the library event date is approaching and you have not received an email with information on how to join, please check your spam or junk email folder. If you are unable to locate the email, you can call the library for assistance.

Library Programs on Zoom

The library’s online programs and events are mostly held using an online meeting service called Zoom.

Here, we share some information that will help you have a fun and safe online experience while attending any of our events on Zoom.

Registration is required

In order to attend online library programs and event, you must register in advance. Requiring registration makes sure that events are interrupted or disturbed by mischief makers (also called Zoom-bombers).

After you’ve registered for an event, library staff will send you an email with the link that provides you with access to the program, along with any other information you need to know.

How Zoom works

Zoom is easy to use, but it does look different on different devices. You can join a Zoom event on a computer, tablet, and smartphone.

On a computer, Zoom works best in the Chrome browser.

On a smartphone, you will need to download the Zoom app to join an event.

We recommend testing out Zoom before you join an event for the first time.

Below are some short video tutorials to help you get acquainted with Zoom on your device.

VIDEO: Getting started with ZOOM videocalls and web meetings

VIDEO: Using Zoom on Your iPhone or iPad 

Note: Android devices work nearly the same as Apple devices, so you can follow along with this tutorial if you have an Android phone or tablet.

Video camera use

Some people don’t like to be on camera, and may be concerned about this aspect of using Zoom.

The good news is you have the option to turn your off camera your camera in Zoom.

Some library programs and events will be set up so that nobody except the presenter and hosts have their camera on. Usually, an announcement about this will be made at the start of the program.

If a library program is hands on, such as a baking or craft project, you may want to show off what you’ve created to the whole room, so you would need to turn on your camera to do so. You may also want to leave your camera off the entire time, and that’s fine too.

Zoom event expectations

When you click the link in the email for the library program, Zoom will open in your browser or app. You will start out in a virtual waiting room. Once the program has started, an event host will let you in to the program.

Depending on the program, you may be able to turn on your audio and video to participate. You may be allowed to chat with all participants or just the hosts.

Some programs have audio and video turned off for all participants, except the presenters and hosts. In these cases, you are still able to communicate with the hosts using the Chat feature in Zoom.

To ensure a safe, secure, and enjoyable online event, library staff select the appropriate settings for the type of program.

If you find you are having difficulty viewing or hearing the event, please use the Chat feature to reach a host and let them know.

Zoom event recording

If an event is being recorded for later viewing, a host will make an announcement at the beginning of the event before they start recording.

To make sure the recording is as clear as possible, cameras will be turned off and audio will be muted for all participants. Only the presenters and the hosts will have camera and audio functionality. You will still be able to use the Chat feature to reach the hosts.

Near the end of the program, a host will announce when recording stops. For some recorded events, there may be a time for questions and answers after recording has ended.

Getting supplies for library events on Zoom

When you register, you will likely be asked to choose a library where you would like to pick up supplies. We are not always able to send supplies to every library, so please choose the library closest to you from the available options.

Please wait to get an email from the host of your program letting you know that supplies are ready for you.

In your email about the library program, the program host will usually let you know how long you have to pick up your supplies. If you cannot pick up your supplies before the program but still wish to pick them up another time, please email the program host to ask if an exception can be made.

You can pick up your supplies in the library or using curbside pickup.

To use Curbside pickup, park in the numbered parking spaces at the library, call the number posted on the sign, and let the staff who answer know your name and which class you are registered for. They will bring your supplies to your vehicle.

More information about curbside services is available here.

If you are registered for a family program, check with the host of the program who emailed you to see if you need separate supply bags for each child or one supply bag for the whole family.

Multiple household members & same library event on Zoom  

Library program with supplies

Register separately for each person participating in the program, so that we can be sure to provide supplies for everyone.

On the day of the program, you should log in to Zoom on a single device for the whole group to watch and participate. Unfortunately, Zoom experiences some audio feedback and glitches if multiple devices are near each other and trying to access the same online event.

At the beginning of the library program, the host will ask you to share in Chat how many people are watching at home so the library can accurately keep tallies. This tells us how many people we’re serving with a particular program. We appreciate your help by sharing the number of people watching on your device.

Library program without supplies

You only need to register once for the library program in order to get the login link for Zoom, even if multiple people in your household wish to participate.

If you prefer, you may still register each person separately so that each person receives the information about the program. This may also be helpful if some people in your household wish to participate away from the others in a separate room and on their own device.

On the day of the program, you can log in to Zoom on one device for the whole group to watch. At the beginning of the program, the host will ask you to share how many people are watching at home in Zoom Chat. Please share the total number of people watching on the device. This tells us how many people we’re serving with a particular program. We appreciate your help by sharing this number.

Still Have Questions?

You can contact us with your question using the online Ask a Librarian form. Or you can call your library to get assistance.

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