ProCitizen: The online resource that helps you prepare for the U.S. citizenship test

Posted on February 26, 2016 at 6:00 am

ProCitizen: Preparing you for U.S. Citizenship

Preparing to take the U.S. citizenship test just got easier! Pronunciator recently launched ProCitizen, a new resource available for free to all Spokane County Library District members.

Designed for people who want to become naturalized citizens, ProCitizen helps you prepare for the Civics, Reading, and Writing portions of the U.S. citizenship test. You’ll find over 100 informative videos, practice exercises, and quizzes.

If you already have a Pronunciator account, you can use the same student name and password to log into ProCitizen. If not, register as a new student and you’ll be able to access both Pronunciator and ProCitizen.

Get started on the path to becoming a naturalized citizen today.

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