Read Away Fines

ReadAwayFines_Post_ClockTime is Money – This program allows young people (age 17 and younger) to reduce library card fines by reading.

For a penny a minute, in increments of 20 minutes, kids can read off their fines, up to $7.00 per calendar year.

Why do you offer this program?
We all return materials late sometimes‚ so why not pay your fines in a fun way… Read Away Fines helps increase your skills and decrease your fines, all at once.

How do I read off my fines?
First, read. Then, fill out a Read Away Fines form (also available from staff at your library) with your library card number, name, and amount read. Both you and your parent or guardian sign the form and bring it to the checkout desk.

Are there any restrictions?
Yes. You cannot read away the cost of a lost item, read away fines if your account has been sent to the collection agency, read ahead for fines not yet accrued, or read away fines from someone else’s card.

Do I have to remember how much of my fines I’ve read off?
No, we’ll keep track of that for you.

What if I’m not reading yet?
We count being read to in the same way we count reading. For example, if an older sister reads aloud to a younger brother, both may submit that time for Read Away Fines on their respective library cards.

Can I read stuff besides books?
You can read anything you want. Library books. Comics. Magazines. Cereal boxes. If you can read it (for at least 20 minutes) we will count it.