Request to Recategorize a Site

All member accounts, all library computers, and the Wi-Fi network are filtered at a “basic” level, blocking sites in the following categories: Illegal, Compromising Computer or Network Security, Sexually Explicit Material.

Additionally, all accounts for members under the age of 13, and library computers located in the children’s area, are set to the “enhanced” filtering level, which include all of the same categories of information that are blocked with “basic” filtering, as well as other categories, as determined by the District, to be for adult or mature audiences only.

For both the “basic” and “enhanced” filtering levels, the District utilizes categories provided by the filtering system that best match the District’s intentions.

No filter or technology is 100% effective and may still allow access to information or sites that are objectionable or potentially harmful. Conversely, filters may inadvertently block sites that do not fall within the categories defined above.

If you believe that a site has been inadvertently blocked or unblocked, you may request a review of a specific site, by completing this Internet site review form. The site will be reviewed and a decision about whether to block or unblock a site will be made within 3 business days.