Snakes on a Plane? Tips to Survive Plane Travel with Kids

Posted on June 11, 2014 at 6:00 am

by Rachel Edmondson

Jumping out of a plane is a scary prospect, but some would rather jump than stay one more minute on a plane with kids. If your last trip resembled the movie Snakes on a Plane, but the pandemonium was caused by kids instead of reptiles, here are some of my favorite tips to make your next trip less scary:

If you are traveling with an infant pack a large diaper bag. Double the amount of diapers and clothes you think you will need. Throw in a change of clothes for you as well. Traveling with a shirt wet from spit-up or worse, a blowout, is nobody’s idea of a pleasant trip. A large, thin blanket is great for swaddling, use as a nursing cover, or to wrap around that blowout if you’d rather not attempt a midflight change. Bring a bottle, pacifier or breastfeed for takeoff and landing to help little ears. Don’t forget a few small toys, and you’re good to go. Infants are usually fairly easy travelers, other than the ears and potential bodily fluids.

Once kids are moving, travel gets trickier. You’ll need fewer clothes (if you are potty training use diapers for the trip) but approximately ten times the toys. Some fun options are Cheerios in a bowl with pipe cleaners. They can string them on, and then eat them off. Speaking of which, bring LOTS of snacks. If you aren’t familiar with Color Wonder® Stow & Go Studio™ with markers and activity book, you should be. Buy the travel case and save it as a special treat for trips. Sticker books are also great. I’ve walked off a plane covered in stickers and got plenty of smiles. I either looked silly or people were ridiculously grateful my daughter didn’t scream the entire plane ride. If you have a tablet or smart phone, you have the magic ticket. Downloaded episodes of Sesame Street are your friend.

I’m not past preschool age yet so if you have any advice for older kids, I’m all ears. For now I’m living in blissful ignorance. I hope your next trip is less eventful, or, if it is eventful, I’m hoping it’s because you actually do end up on a plane with Samuel L. Jackson (minus the snakes).

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