Spokane Area History Walk

Compiled and written by Librarian Molly Moore, with the assistance of Librarian Corinne Wilson

In honor of National Celebrate Diversity Month, this History Walk celebrates Spokane’s diversity and includes sites and statues to remember, honor, and inform us about some of the lesser known but important members of our community.

Take a moment to reflect, through stories and facts about some of the women, Native Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans who helped make the Spokane area what it is today and what life was like for them as they put down roots and propelled Spokane from being a small settlement to the thriving region it is today.

The topics covered in this walk are not a definitive or comprehensive guide. Some monuments or statues have not been included, mostly due to repetitiveness, lack of walkability, or space and time constraints.

This walk is approximately 4.5 miles long. Be sure to bring some water and wear comfortable shoes. If you are worried about getting lost, you can bring a compass to check cardinal directions or use one on your phone. Please do not attempt this walk if there is inclement weather or after dark.

If you’d prefer, you can download and print the full tour.

To see the full collection of history pins and to add to the collection, visit www.historypin.org/en/spokane-area-history-walk-collection.