Annual Art Show

Community Art Show: Through a Window

The 2024 Community Art Show has concluded. We enjoyed seeing the creativity of friends and neighbors of all ages!

You can view a portion of the submitted artwork for 2024 in the slides below. Thank you to everyone who participated, either by creating or viewing art.

Terms & Conditions

… You attest that you are submitting your original work and are not infringing upon the copyright of another person or entity.

… You grant Spokane County Library District the right to create a digital image of your artwork.

… You grant Spokane County Library District the right to share freely the digital image of your artwork on its website, through social media channels, and in promotions of library programs for up to one year from the date of the art show premiere to which it was submitted.

… You retain copyright of your artwork, including all digital images created by Spokane County Library District.

… You acknowledge that you will not receive compensation for participation in the art show and that the art show is provided free of charge to all who wish to view it.

… You acknowledge that Spokane County Library District reserves the right to refuse to include submissions in the art show for any reason, which may include but is not limited to inappropriate content and lack of information or communication about the artwork.

…You grant Spokane County Library District the right to discard your artwork if you or a designee has not picked it up from the library by the end of the designated pick-up timeframe. Participants may pick up their art from the library where they submitted it from April 4–12. Any art left in libraries after April 12 will be discarded.