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Posted on October 14, 2013 at 11:30 am


Welcome to our Business & Careers blog page. Supporting job seekers and local businesses is a top service priority. It is our goal to provide local businesses and non-profits with the tools they need to develop and maintain successful enterprises, and teens and adults with the resources and opportunities they need to attain meaningful employment.

The job market is changing and new businesses are forming. What skills do job seekers need to compete? What resources do new businesses need to get started and remain competitive? The District provides educational awareness, test prep, and career-related programs for job seekers and support programs for businesses.

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  • mercedez

    Does this help people others get a head start in life.
    Or help get a job.

  • Spokane County Library District

    This space is designed to provide information and helpful resources for those who own a local business and for those who are seeking jobs and educational opportunities that will improve their skills. We hope you will find it useful!