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What Do Forensic Psychology, Andre Agassi and Yoga Have in Common? Answer: Udemy!

May 27, 2021

BY DANA MANNINO Lifelong learners and anyone seeking to learn something new will find a fantastic variety of online classes offered through Udemy, the latest addition to our array of digital resources. Udemy is a collection of video classes you view online. You can start a class whenever you want and take as long as […]

Udemy: Easily Improve Work Productivity to Increase Your Value and Efficiency

May 25, 2021

BY CRYSTAL MILLER For anyone working at an office job, remotely or on-site, work performance has probably looked a bit different this past year than previously. I know I would benefit from some training to spruce up some of my office-related skills and tasks. If you are in the same boat, Gale Presents: Udemy is […]

Udemy: New Resource with High-Quality Content That Makes Learning Enjoyable

April 27, 2021

BY STACEY GODDARD I don’t usually “geek out” about a new library resource. But I have to confess that I was having geek-out levels of excitement when I heard the library would be getting Udemy. Here are the reasons why I’m so excited: You can take Udemy courses whenever it is convenient for you. There […]

Gale Presents: Udemy

March 26, 2021

Asking for a Friend: Where Can People Get Basic Computer & Internet Training?

October 6, 2021

By Stacey Goddard I’m excited to announce that the library has a new online resource: Northstar Digital Literacy. If you read my previous posts about LinkedIn Learning and Udemy, you might be wondering if this new resource will offer more of the same types of classes. The short answer is both yes and no. Northstar […]

Business Matters at the Library: Gain New Customers & New Skills for Success

September 16, 2021

Celebrate your community and customers during our Small Business Saturday week-long event! Learn new things each month from a SCORE business mentor when you sign up for the online workshop at the library. Explore our Digital Library for online resources that can help you find information on trades and industries, get training for you and your employees, and build a business or marketing plan for your business.

Young woman studying with a laptop, pen, and notebook

New Digital Resources from Gale: What Success Will You Gain with Knowledge?

September 8, 2021

We have new digital resources from Gale that offer an abundance of information and tools for businesses, students, and anyone doing research or looking for general knowledge.

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Brain Stimulating Activities for Dementia & Alzheimer’s & Helpful Resources for Caregivers

September 1, 2021

September is World Alzheimer’s Month. So, this seems like an apropos time to examine how we can stave off Alzheimer’s and all the other disorders that fall under the umbrella term of dementia. Here are some ideas for using the library’s digital and physical resources to help with brain-stimulating exercises and activities.

How to Strengthen Your Business This Summer with SCORE Workshops & Online Training

May 20, 2021

When local businesses thrive, the whole community thrives. That’s why the library has workshops, resources, and services dedicated to businesses and entrepreneurs. This summer, check out our live, online workshops presented by SCORE Business mentors, our online training resources, and our digital tools that can help your business hit its next target. SCORE BUSINESS WORKSHOPS […]


October 16, 2013

Spokane County LibrariesAccess the library whenever and wherever you are to read, listen, and enjoy everything we have to offer. Android iOS ePRINTit – Public Print Locations Use your mobile device to access our Mobile Printing service and send your print jobs to our library printers. To find SCLD print locations, select TBS from the […]