What Do Forensic Psychology, Andre Agassi and Yoga Have in Common? Answer: Udemy!

Posted on May 27, 2021 at 4:30 am


Lifelong learners and anyone seeking to learn something new will find a fantastic variety of online classes offered through Udemy, the latest addition to our array of digital resources.

Udemy is a collection of video classes you view online. You can start a class whenever you want and take as long as you need to finish it. And you can even unenroll from a class at any time, and try a different class!

Courses have videos chunked into digestible topics and provide supplemental learning materials as well. Some even have quizzes so you can check your progress and review any sections that are tripping you up.

The courses on Udemy are flexible. If a video is particularly challenging, there’s no rush to move on to the next one. I love being able to pause, rewind, and watch as often as I need to.

What can you learn on Udemy? Lots of different things!

Udemy includes courses for business owners, such as marketing, web design, accounting, sales, tax preparation, grant writing, etc. You can learn about my colleague Stacey’s experience taking the course Intro to Entrepreneurship: Get Started as an Entrepreneur in her blog post about Udemy.

Udemy also has courses for the curious individual who wants to learn world languages, guitar, drawing, and so on.

Can’t get enough of the TV show Criminal Minds? You can take the course on Forensic Psychology!

Want to try video game design? Udemy offers over 40 classes on every aspect of the topic.  

Want some tennis pointers from Andre Agassi? He recorded a short class for Udemy called Elevate Your Tennis Game: Learn from Champion Andre Agassi.

Interested in Yoga? Try one of several “15 minutes x 15 days” challenges. How about Tai Chi? Udemy has courses in this meditative movement as well.

Some classes focus on specific computer applications such as Photoshop for editing digital photography, QuickBooks for accounting, Blender for creating 3d animations, and Marvelous Designer for designing fashion.

Other classes focus on broad topics and areas of interest, like leadership, strategy, memory, color theory, and music theory.

Udemy can also help at work. If you want to learn techniques shared in Udemy’s office productivity courses, I recommend reading my colleague Crystal’s blog about upping your workplace value to get some ideas on where to start.

Classes vary in length. For example, Udemy’s sewing class has about 1.5 hours of video content. In contrast, the class on American Sign Language includes 49 hours of video and supplemental content. When choosing a course, you can pick the length that fits your schedule and lifestyle.

Many classes include a hands-on component. Software classes usually include exercise files so you can follow along with the instructor, practicing as you learn.

To sign in to Udemy, you will need your in-district library card number and a Google or Microsoft email account. If your email address ends in “gmail.com” or “outlook.com”, then you are ready to go! Just sign in with your email address and password when prompted to do so.

If you have a different email, don’t worry. Google and Microsoft accounts are free and easy to set up. You can Book a Librarian for one-on-one help getting one set up if you need assistance.

Udemy does have over 6,000 courses, but perhaps you aren’t finding the course you are looking for. Fear not! We have other online learning platforms for you to check out. Udemy is just our newest!

Creativebug has great arts, crafts, and creative tutorials for kids, teens, and adults.

Gale Courses has a strong catalog of creative writing classes and other courses that run on a schedule if you need deadlines and due dates to keep your learning on track.

LinkedIn Learning can’t be beat for classes about 3D printing and other technology topics.

Whatever your interest, the library is here to help you pursue it. You’ll find Udemy and all of the other online learning platforms in our Digital Library. What will you learn today?

Librarian Dana Mannino

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