Blast Off! for summer fun with space-themed crafts, books, and programs

Posted on July 8, 2019 at 6:00 am

By Rachel Edmondson

This year the library’s summer reading program has been celebrating A Universe of Stories. If you haven’t already poured through Engage, our programs and events guide, to circle the programs that interest you, I suggest you do so soon. We still have lots of summer programs you won’t want to miss!

This week kids can be entertained by The Zaniac at our Gravity Catastrophe programs. And there are still opportunities to experience Space Exploration with Mobius Science Center, to create something cosmic at Star Wars Bead Creations, and to attend many other fun programs for kids.

If your family loves exploring space as much as we do, there are lots of cool space-themed activities and crafts you can do at home to launch your summer into orbit.

Here are some ideas to get you started, followed by some great space books to check out from the library.


Solar system jewelry

These can be fancy or simple, it’s up to you! Choose beads to represent each planet and then learn the order of the planets based on their distance from the sun as you put together a fun bracelet or necklace. Here’s an example of a solar system necklace.

Foil-printed moon craft

It’s always fun to paint with different mediums. This craft uses aluminum foil instead of a paint brush to create a wonderful, crater-filled full moon.

Constellation craft

It can be hard to find crafts simple enough for preschoolers. This craft can be adapted for different ages. Older kids can look at pictures of constellations and re-create them on their own, using black paper, chalk, and gold star stickers. For little ones, an adult can put the stars in place and little ones can connect the stars.

Moon sand

I’m not exactly sure how it got this name, or if it is really similar to any material found on the moon, but moon sand is easy to make and can provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. There are lots of different recipes online. Here’s a moon sand recipe that only uses two ingredients.

Check out a telescope

Did you know you can check out a telescope from the library? It’s true. Why not plan a night of sky gazing? You can place a hold for a telescope using our online catalog.


Destination: Moon, by Seymour Simon

This book tells the history of the first moon landing. An award winning science writer, Seymour Simon packs this book with stunning photographs and fascinating facts.

Space, by Ruth Musgrave

For the littlest space explorers, this board book has beautiful photographs along with some basic facts about space.

Universe, by Giles Sparrow

For an introduction to all things space related, this entry in the DK Findout! series has loads of fun facts and amazing photographs. Learn about stars, planets, black holes, constellations, and much more.

When We Walked on the Moon, by David Long and Sam Kalda

Each moon landing had its own challenges and triumphs. This book includes interesting details about the astronauts’ experiences and some lesser-known facts about these incredible journeys.

Rachel Edmondson

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