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Bubbling beakers: Q&A with Kelli Crawford of Mobius Science Center

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 6:00 am

By Erin Dodge

In my experience, if you tell kids that they get to go see a science show, the response might be worthy of a shoulder shrug (not true for all kids, of course). I get it. The words “science show” may not be very inspiring to a lot of kids. Now, if I tell kids that they get to see potions fizzing and foam bubbling out of a beaker like an oozing monster, making a mess everywhere. They start to get pumped up about the show (at least my kids do).

The show Exploring Chemistry with Mobius Science promises to be as captivating and messy and wonderful as young minds can imagine, and Kelli Crawford from the Mobius Science Center will be on tour at our libraries, July 10–14. Make sure you make it out to a show.

Kelli and I chat about what makes science exciting in our Q&A:

Erin Dodge: Have you always been into science? When did you first realize that you could have a career in science?

Kelli Crawford: I’ve been curious about the world ever since I was a kid and was fortunate enough to have a family that nurtured my love of reading, even letting me check out advanced nonfiction books in all kinds of random topics from the library! I also grew up with an uncle and his friends who traveled the world doing science education, so even from a young age I knew this was something I wanted to do and COULD do!

ED: What draws you to perform science shows for kids and families?

KC: For me, there are few things as exciting and fulfilling as seeing my own curiosity and love of science reflected back on the faces of the people I work with.

ED: What is it about chemistry, in particular, that is exciting for kids?

KC: Chemistry is exciting because it’s like the LEGO building blocks of our world! Plus how can you not love things that explode, change colors, or give off weird smells?

ED: What kinds of fun experiments can kids do at home with parents and adults? And where can they find them?

KC: There are a lot of great at-home experiments, but always look for reputable organizations to ensure safety. Science fair booksSteve Spangler’s books, Untamed Science website, World Book Web and Science in Context, both in the Digital Library, and NASA are all great places to start!

ED: Those sound great. What other books would you recommend for kids exploring science?

KC: Randall Munroe’s Thing Explainer and What If? are both great at helping us think about our world, and The Magic School Bus series offers a ton of science adventures for elementary aged kids. But my biggest recommendation is just to keep reading! Check out tons of books from the library, especially about areas you don’t know much about. You just might find your new favorite science that way!


Exploring Chemistry with Mobius Science
Monday, Jul 10, 10:30–11:30am

Monday, Jul 10, 2–3pm & 7–8pm

Tuesday, Jul 11, 11am–12pm

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2–3pm** & 7–8pm

Wednesday, Jul 12, 10:30–11:30am

Wednesday, Jul 12, 2–3pm

Thursday, Jul 13, 11am–12pm

Thursday, Jul 13, 2–3pm

Friday, Jul 14, 11am–12pm

Friday, Jul 14, 2–3pm

**A sign language interpreter will be at the program.


Kelli Crawford of Mobius Science CenterKelli Crawford is the Education Manager at Mobius Science Center. She loves exploring this great world through science and all across the Pacific Northwest!


Erin Dodge

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