Learning Circles

Learning Circles

Learning Circles are a different way to learn. They offer the convenience of an online class and the accountability of a classroom setting—the best of both worlds.

If you’ve started an online course and didn’t finish. . .
If you enjoy meeting others who are passionate about your interests. . .
If you learn best in an interactive environment. . .

Then Learning Circles may be the just-right learning environment for you!

All of our Learning Circles have a facilitator, online content, the tools needed to learn and practice new skills, and a learning environment where participants both teach and learn, act and observe, and speak and listen to each other.

Currently, our Learning Circles meet in an online discussion platform as their virtual classroom.

Learning Circles are available through a partnership with Peer to Peer University (p2pu.org).

Upcoming Learning Circles

Check for Learning Circles at www.p2pu.org/scld. Registration opens at least 30 days before a Learning Circle class begins.

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