Just Right Readers

What book is just right for your new reader?

At Spokane County Library District, it’s easy to find books that are just right for your new reader. All our Easy Reader books have color-coded labels to identify their reading level.

Click below on the color-coded button to see a list of those Easy Reader books in our catalog.

  • Read from left to right and top to bottom
  • Know printed words have meaning
  • Use pictures as clues to help decode words
EMERGENT readers:
  • Use beginning & ending sounds to figure out simple words
  • Try to correct an error themselves when reading out loud
  • Recognize words such as: a, an, and the
  • Read with few mistakes and decode new words fairly quickly
  • Begin to rely more on the text for understanding a story
  • Are aware of punctuation marks and read more expressively
FLUENT readers:
  • Are able to decode longer, multi-syllabic words
  • Read chapter books and comprehend most or all of the story
  • Read aloud expressively and smoothly