Holiday Gifts for Expectant Mothers

Posted on December 5, 2017 at 6:00 am

By Stefani Miller

“What do you want for Christmas?”

I’ve never had trouble answering that question in the past. There’s always been a thing or two on my list. But as a newly expectant mother I find myself, for the first time, unable to answer. Before I became pregnant, I could ask for things that maybe weren’t so practical.

Now I wonder, should I ask for a new mobile phone? Or should I ask for a stroller?

As a first time mom-to-be, I definitely don’t have a stroller, or baby swing, or car seat readily available. It’s a whole new world of things that I’d never had a reason to explore. So, I’m left with a dilemma. Should this Christmas be all about baby? Or can it be about the both of us?

Below I’ll explore some options that I think both mommies and their little ones would love to see under the tree this year.

House Cleaning Services

A new baby leaves little time for anything not baby related, least of all scrubbing the bathroom. So why not volunteer yourself for a little deep cleaning? Or if cleaning just isn’t your thing, how about hiring a cleaning service? Many are licensed and insured, and even have gift cards! Either way it’s one less thing for a new mom to have to worry about.

Prenatal Massage

In my experience so far, being pregnant is a pain in the lower back—literally. But after an hour of massage therapy, my back does feel much, much better. Just about every spa offers a pregnancy-friendly massage to specifically target the areas that are under more stress than usual. This can be a life saver for a busy mom with little time for herself. So send your friend a gift certificate for a relaxing afternoon at the spa, or take a day and go together. The gift of relaxation really can’t be beat.

New Mom Survival Kit

Here’s a DIY gift that will come in handy with a new baby around (and show mom that you have some serious mom survival skills). If you have experience with a newborn, this is a chance to share tips, tricks, recipes, or just about anything else. If there were things you wish you knew pre-baby, you can pass them on. New moms will be grateful for the help and the thought you put into this gift.


Pregnant women need to drink a lot of water. So why not help them do it in style with this inexpensive and practical gift? A cute water bottle can make drinking the obligatory amount of H2O a little less daunting. Plus, its portability is much more convenient if mom-to-be tends to move around a lot while working or nesting. This gift is also something she’ll use again and again even after baby arrives.

Gift Cards

While gift cards can seem like an impersonal gift, in reality, they can be a new mom’s best friend. Think of it as the gift of utility. A new baby is nothing if not unpredictable, so a gift card to a department, grocery, or second-hand store can mean quick access to essentials. A gift card can also mean one less meal to cook and one less errand that needs to be run (online shopping anyone?).

Your Favorite Children’s Book

Building a child’s library can open doors to learning and exploration. Colors, faces, and textures bring much needed stimulation to a baby’s world, and they can all be found in books. This gift will be used countless times over the years, so you can rest assured it won’t just sit on the shelf. Writing a personal message inside the book for baby also leaves something fun for them to read as they get older. Many new moms ask for picture books at their baby shower, so think of this as a jump start on something mom may already have her eye on.

I hope these gift ideas help you honor both mom and baby this holiday season, and congratulations on the newest addition to your world.

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