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New community topics at Civic Lab pose questions and invite discussion

Posted on January 28, 2020 at 6:00 am

Each month, you can find information, activities, and discussion on an issue facing our community at the Civic Lab. Take a look at thought-provoking materials and activities for teens and adults that allow us to engage in open conversation and grow together as a community.


Feb–May 2020

February: Envisioning Our Future During Black History Month

How can our region’s black history inform and help reform our future policies and attitudes? What should our city, state, and nation do to make sure everyone has equal opportunities?

March: She Was There

We celebrate Women’s History Month by showcasing accomplishments of women in history that have been mostly overshadowed or forgotten.

April: When Artists Do Terrible Things

The era of #MeToo has many people wondering whether to separate the artist from the art. What should the consequences be for bad behavior in the entertainment industry? How can we resolve our feelings about being a fan of someone who, it turns out, has done terrible (even criminal) things? We discuss different approaches people might take.

May: Why Do Teachers Go on Strike?

Get fast facts on how teachers’ strikes are different from corporate strikes, what concerns lead to teacher walkouts, and why education budgets have fallen short in the past


Opposing Viewpoints in Context

Find information about people, places, and issues, including different viewpoints, references, statistics, news articles, academic journal articles, and more with Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

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