SCLD Food Drive: Help Decrease Local Food Insecurity

Posted on March 28, 2024 at 4:00 am

SCLD Food Drive

Donate nonperishable food at your library during
April 7–13, 2024

We’re celebrating National Library Week with a food drive. You can support your community and help decrease food insecurity with a donation of nonperishable food items.

Your donations will go to regional food banks serving Spokane County, including Second Harvest Food Bank.

Food insecurity occurs when people run out of food, eat less, skip meals, go hungry, or when they subsist on a nutrient-poor diet because they cannot afford to buy food. This is especially critical for children and directly impacts their ability to stay focused during the school day and succeed academically.

All Spokane County Library District locations are participating in the food drive. So, keep a look out for the food collection bin at your library.

Reduce Past Overdue Fees

As you may have read in a previous news post, SCLD announced the end of overdue fines for library items in 2023.

Previous fines assessed before January 1, 2023, remain on accounts until they’re paid. However, this food drive provides the opportunity to reduce and potentially even eliminate overdue fines from library card holders’ accounts.

For every non-perishable item of food brought into the library during the donation drive, $2 will be forgiven from a cardholder’s account, up to a maximum of $20 per library account.

Fine forgiveness can only be applied to overdue and/or damaged-item fees and does include accounts referred to collection for these types of fines. Fine forgiveness cannot be applied to lost-item charges.

Be sure to bring your nonperishable food to the library service desk to reduce fines on your account, instead of placing it directly into the donation bin.

Fine forgiveness combined with the food drive is a win for you and a win for households and children facing food insecurity.

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