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Posted on November 19, 2021 at 6:00 am

By Gwendolyn Haley

Now that school is in full swing, homework assignments for many students have started in earnest. Whatever the age of the student, and whether it’s you or someone in your household, we have some great digital resources to help get you through the school year.

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Gale In Context: Elementary

Did you know that penguins can’t fly, but they are excellent swimmers? Your grade-schooler can learn about these flightless friends and so much more with Gale In Context: Elementary. This simple-to-use digital resource helps grade-schoolers learn about and become comfortable with researching topics.

World Book

A safe, trusted, 21st-century learning environment for students, World Book is a great resource for looking up answers for homework assignments and makes it easy to cite sources with the citation builder. Students can read stories, articles, books, and current events, all while finding reliable information for papers and projects. 

Need to understand the mechanics of an earthquake or find information about the Titanic? World Book is the perfect starting point. You’ll also find videos, great images, and fun activities.

Gale In Context: Middle School

Did you ever want to learn about something—for class or just because—and ended up feeling a little lost by all of the online search options? Well, here’s a resource that can help.

Gale In Context: Middle School makes your search simple and rewarding by bringing together articles and videos from trusted sources into one easy-to-use database.

For example, let’s say you’re writing a report on the topic of abolition and Frederick Douglass. Type the terms “abolition” and “Frederick Douglass” into the search box and a variety of images and information on the topic come up. This means that you don’t need to go through countless websites to find sources because the quality information you need is all in this resource.

Gale In Context: High School

The hardest part of any assignment can be getting started. Even when you have a topic in mind, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed by all of the information available on the web and in textbooks.

Luckily, our library offers a resource that can help you focus on a topic by delivering only trustworthy, relevant content: Gale In Context: High School. Whether you’re writing a paper on the novel Lord of the Flies or want to know what healthcare reform means for you, you’ll find the information you need with this resource.

HelpNow from Brainfuse

Does this sound familiar? It’s after dinner, and you’re stuck on a homework assignment. You realize that you really don’t understand the quadratic formula as well as you thought. Or perhaps the thesis statement for your essay just isn’t coming together. 

Help is a literally a click away with HelpNow! You can get live, online help from expert tutors who are available every day from 2–10pm. You can also get access to expert writing assistance, math tutors and resources, live language help, and even Chess tutoring.

JobNow from BrainFuse

Older students may also want to check out JobNow for help with getting a part-time job. This resource provides live, online help from job, resume, and interview coaches from 2–10pm daily and offers 24/7 access to job and career resources. You can also submit your resume to receive expert feedback.

If you aren’t sure how to get started creating a resume, JobNow has resume templates and resume creation software, along job interview preparation materials to get you ready when employers are hiring.

Gwendolyn Haley

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