Unique Nerdy & Geek-Inspired Workouts, Plus Books & DVDs to Get You Moving

Posted on June 20, 2023 at 6:00 am

By Andrea Brumbaugh

It’s National Hike with a Geek Day (annually on June 20)!

When I found out about this day, I started thinking of all the nerdy and geeky types of exercise I’ve tried or heard about over the years. Some mainstays include LARPing and geocaching. Recently, activities combined with apps can get you moving, like Pokémon Go. But there are many more!

When I think of “nerdy exercising,” the Fitness for Nerds video that John Green posted in the early days of his Vlogbrothers YouTube channel immediately comes to mind. It’s probably one of the videos he wishes would disappear, but it’s a fun one to watch.

While John’s video was more of a joke than a guide, there are plenty of nerdy fitness activities out there to guide you. I’ve shared some others below, along with some book and movie suggestions for different types of exercise and other geeky fun that you can check out from the library.

Nerdy Fitness Activities Found Online

The Star Wars Workout: Begin Your Jedi Training!

This article from a website aptly called Nerd Fitness includes exercises with names like “Skywalker Handstands,” “Han Solo Kessel Run,” and more!


This website is perhaps the king of nerdy fitness websites, with workouts called “This Princess Can Save Herself,” “Vampire Hunter,” “Goblin Mode,” “Dragon Ball Abs,” and more! You can design your own training plan or use the ones they’ve pre-made, which have names like “Amazon” (for general fitness) and “Valkyrie” (for strength and toning).

Geek Inspired Ways to Exercise

The Nifty Nerd website hasn’t published much in the past year, but this blog has lots of fun, nerdy content, including this post with some fun ways to get in shape. The list includes a DeskCycle, which I own (and should use more often). It’s like the poor nerd’s version of a treadmill desk. I definitely recommend it if you spend a lot of your time seated at a desk.

Zombies, Run!

I first heard of this app years ago from his geekiness Wil Wheaton. I owned a treadmill at the time and downloaded the app. The app for me was more like “Zombies, Walk Fast” rather than “Zombies, Run,” but I enjoyed it. It’s like listening to an interactive audiobook where you’re trying to escape zombies and get your exercise in at the same time. I haven’t used it in years, but I want to try it again soon!

The Conqueror: The Lord of the Rings Virtual Challenges

The Conqueror has all kinds of different virtual challenges that you can sign up for, like walking the length of the Grand Canyon, the English Channel, or the Pacific Crest Trail. But they also have Lord of the Rings-themed challenges, where you make your way from The Shire to Mordor. You get stories and postcards along the way and medals upon completion. You also can support a cause while you virtually travel!

Check These Out from the Library

Here are some library materials focused on working out, geeking out, and nerdiness to help us all celebrate our wacky and wonderful selves.

Along with this nerdy list of videos and books, you’ll find plenty of other books, DVDs, and streaming and downloadable content for physical fitness and exercise that you can check out from our catalog.

I’ve gotten out of the practice of regular exercise lately, but all these different nerdy ways of exercising have inspired me to get back into it, and I hope they also inspire the nerd in your life.

May the flex be with you!

Andrea Brumbaugh

Andrea Brumbaugh is the Social Media Specialist for Spokane County Library District. She loves reading, painting, crocheting, playing video and board games, and spending time with her wife, two kids, and two cats.

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