Waiting for the Next Origami Yoda Book?

Posted on March 27, 2014 at 6:00 am

by Corrine W.

Princess Labelmaker To The Rescue! promises to be yet another funny installment of the adventures of Tommy, Dwight, and their friends. While you wait for it to be released, here are a few things to keep you occupied:

  1. Make a giant origami Yoda out of butcher paper. (Tom Angleberger made me an Origami Yoda once. True story. I still have it.)
  2. Grab a pile of felt and make some Star Wars Finger Puppets.
  3. Cut up pipe cleaners to give all your Lego Star Wars figures extra light sabers. You can’t let them be caught unprepared.
  4. Make the hash browns in your school lunch into a Wookie face. If you’re having waffles, eat away the sides until you have C-3P0. Green Jell-O? All you need is some tortilla chips for ears, and Master Yoda will be looking back at you.
  5. Have an adult cut up some old pool noodles for you. Add silver duct tape to the end, and you have some giant light sabers worthy of an epic pool battle!
  6. “Bumblefluff” is Star Wars slang for “silly nonsense”. Use it whenever possible.
  7. Make some Wookie Cookies with the Star Wars Cookbook you checked out at the library.
  8. Dare your friends to spell “Shi’ido”.
  9. Watch Star Wars with a friend and turn the sound off so you can give the characters silly voices and sillier conversations.
  10. Cover the earpieces of your headphones with spirals of brown yarn so that you look like Princess Leia whenever you rock out to music.
  11. Make your own Star Wars snowflakes

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