Put to the Test

Posted on March 25, 2014 at 6:00 am

by Corinne W.

One of your most valuable resources as you prepare for employment and college (or just try to survive high school) is the SCLD Digital Library. Testing and Education Reference CenterHelpNow, and JobNow gather all the up-to-date information you need for test and employment prep of all kinds, and lets you access it from home using your library card.

The most cumbersome (that’s an SAT word!) part of SAT/ACT is preparing for the test. Why wade through outdated test prep books or spend your money on new ones when you can access current information from home? When you enter your library card number/pin you have access to practice tests, SAT/ACT prep books you can read on your computer, vocab builders, important test dates, deadlines, and more. You can also take a full online course for free to prepare you for the test with Testing and Education Reference Center or you can talk to a tutor online using HelpNow for one-on-one help – all while in your pajamas.

AP Exams
When it’s time to pass your AP exams, Testing & Education has you covered. There are two practice tests for each subject offered from Biology to Microeconomics to World History. You can also read articles on last minute study tips and how to handle test anxiety.

Need to take your GED exam? Testing and Education Reference Center practice tests are available in English and Spanish, and a link is provided to the site that will schedule your GED exam for you.

Going to work rather than off to school? Applying for your first part-time jobs? If you want to tailor your resume to the jobs you want or just want some free resume template choices, Testing and Education Reference Center’s Resume Builder will show you how. You can also save your resumes and return to them later or create a URL for your resume and share it online. Need someone to review your resume and provide constructive feedback? Upload it to JobNow and a job coach will get back to you with comments in about 24 hours. And if you are feeling nervous about that job interview, a job coach will chat with you online to give you pointers and tips to ace the interview and get the job.

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